Helping the busiest entrepreneurs lose 15 pounds of fat in 90 days and become the CEO of their health without adding any time to their schedules

…using the Bulletproof CEO Body System

The Bulletproof CEO Body is the first program specifically designed around the busiest work schedules of today's entrepreneurs that puts your health on autopilot so you can focus on your business without added distractions

❓ Constant meetings and a never-ending to-do list leaving you feeling burnt out?

❓Struggling to order healthy choices at work events?

❓Do you use unhealthy food as a reward after a long work day, but instead of feeling refreshed, you end up feeling tired and sluggish?

❓Does getting healthy feel like a never-ending battle?

If you're a busy business professional who has struggled to see results from the gym or healthy eating habits, I'm here to help

Is This For You?

Breaking out of this never-ending work/life cycle can feel impossible.

Working with a coach who designs plans around the busiest schedules will help you make lasting change to finally break your cycle of unhealthy habits.

The Bulletproof CEO Body System is all about helping you get in the best shape of your life without adding any complexity to your busy schedule.

I understand that you value your time, and I'm here to help you achieve your fitness goals without the added stress of trying to figure everything out on your own.

Don't Just Take it From Me Though!

Here Are Some of My Client's Results

How is the program structured?

The entire coaching program is inside my Eamonian mobile FITNESS APP!

Here's What You Get

✅ Accountability calls to ensure you are building healthy habits

✅ A customized workout program based on your body type and traveling plans

✅ A personalized and delicious nutrition plan that includes all your favorite foods and is modified for your travel plans

✅ Unlimited access to me through phone, text, and video call

✅ Instant hotline to decide what to order when eating out traveling

✅ Weekly check-ins and progress updates with Eamon, your coach

✅ An simple app to track your workouts, diet, and daily habits

✅ Customized onboarding process and progress tracker

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Accountability Syncs:

So you never fall back into old unhealthy habits

  1. Outcome guaranteed accountability system

a. We created and hold you accountable to your ideal daily routine

b. We reflect and adjust on any shortcomings from the previous day

  1. Dynamic Diet Plan

a. Strategize your diet plan for upcoming business trips or social events that would otherwise compromise your progress

  1. Address and diagnose any stress or lifestyle factors that may be impacting your overall health and well-being before they become a bigger problem

Personalized restaurant and diet plan:

My clients get to enjoy the foods they love while still losing at least a pound of fat a week so they can focus on their business and not stress about food decisions every day!

When out on the go I will guide what and how to order the right foods when eating out at restaurants.

And for home and the office, I’ll create you the diet plan tailored to your tastes and busy work schedule.

Personalized workout plan

I'll personalize a workout plan that maximizes muscle activation for your specific body type and tailored to the workout equipment you have access to, no matter where in the world you’re traveling

Routine Creation and Accountability

We all know if you start your day off wrong, the whole day gets thrown off.

My clients and I create their ideal morning routinethat I hold them accountable to every single day.

24/7 Fitness Support Line

Don’t know what to order at the restaurant you’re going to with friends tonight?
Stressed with finding healthy food options when you’re in Barcelona on a business trip?

My clients can always text or call me for personalized support and guidance no matter what challenges come up in the day.

How is this different from other fitness coaching programs?

The Bulletproof CEO Body System differs from traditional fitness coaching methods in a few key ways:

Focus on enjoyable, satisfying meals:

The Bulletproof CEO Body System emphasizes the importance of eating foods that taste like your favorite restaurant and cheat meals, which makes the process of achieving your fitness goals and then maintaining your dream physique all the more achievable and fun!

Customized support and guidance

There’s no cookie cutter solutions here. The Bulletproof CEO Body System is a personalized as a fitness coaching program gets. I provide solutions tailored to my clients’ lifestyle and circumstances that allow them to maintain their physique for a lifetime.

Convenience and flexibility

The Bulletproof CEO Body System is conducted online, which makes it the most convenient and flexible option for entrepreneurs with the busiest schedules and always traveling

Holistic Health and Happiness Requirements

You can’t be healthy if you’re not happy.

The Bulletproof CEO Body System takes a holistic approach to fitness that ensures my clients’ happiness, stress and sleep levels are managed. If a client is losing fat but is experiencing stress as a trade off, we adjust the plan until that stress is eliminated. Having fun and being excited are key parts to falling in a loving lifetime relationship with health and fitness.

What Is It Like Working With Me?

Are you tired of feeling like you have to give up all your favorite foods in order to get in shape? I know I was!

As a busy entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

That's why I've successfully helped countless other entrepreneurs transform their lives using the same strategies that worked for me.

Instead of judging and depriving myself of the foods I loved most, I found a way to incorporate them into my fitness journey and still get under 8% bodyfat!

By being honest with myself and using my personal preferences as motivators, I have been able to maintain my dream physique for over 5 years - all while enjoying my favorite treats along the way.

Don't let the pressure at work hold you back any longer

With my help, you will lose 15 pounds of fat in 90 days without adding any time to your schedule. Because that’s what having a coach is for!